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Best UFO sightings on video

I have collected some of the best UFO sightings on video and I recommend you to take the time to see at least some of them. It´s all videos that I think is genuine. I don´t say they are all strange crafts with alien occupants from other planets, but I think these videos really shows extraordinary aerial phenomenas which are really there, see playlist here: UFO Sightings

Nellis AFB UFO video footage 1994

One of the videos in this playlist, is one of the most remarkable UFO videos I have ever seen. This video has been filmed by a high-tech surveillance camera within the Nellis Air Force Base Test Range in Nevada supposedly late November 1994. The videotape is said to have been smuggled out from the site, by contractor personnel who had operated tracking stations on the Nellis AFB. The UFO footage appeared in public for the first time in February 1995 on the American TV show 'Hard Copy' and later the following December on the 'Sightings' TV show. Read a more thoroughly research about this particular incident.

The video shows an unidentified flying object you can see in the image above, which still not yet has been identified. It was tracked on radar while it was filmed. It is a craft that changes shape or rotates inflight and you will see that clearly if you watch the video below from 4:56, where computer animator Chip Peterson explains how he enhances the video and then show us how this craft behaves in a very short but absolutely unbelievable clip. See the full video version below.

Russian MIG footage shows two UFOs merge into one object

Another military UFO video that blows my mind, is the footage from a Russian MIG jetfighter that shows two objects merge together in one unit. This is pure magic and the technology that lays behind this type of machinery must be thousands of years ahead of us. It must be some kind of advanced molecular technology under intelligent control that for example would allow two F16 jetfighters or two Boeing 747´s to merge into one (just try imagine)? See for your self below...

Above video reminds me of another UFO incident involving a UK passenger jet taking off from Heathrow airport. The video was filmed May 27, 2010 by youtube user spacecowboy1954 and shows one object flying into the frame from right to left and probes a plane while it takes off. It ends with the object takes off towards left top of the frame and splits into two objects at 1:15 and 5:10 just before it disappears out of frame. If the video is genuine and not fake, we see the same magic process as in above video with the Russian MIG and merging UFOs, just in reverse order.

Live UFO art performance caught by space shuttle STS-80 cameras

The UFO video below, is from a space shuttle STS-80 mission back in 1996, caught on camera for several minutes. These UFOs illustrates something in front of the cameras and for me, it seems they are drawing a road or corridor, that the space shuttle are following. The second part of the video, is about the thunderstorm unidentified disc-shaped objects, that mysteriously appears from nowhere, and that is also recorded by the shuttle cameras.

We should thank Martyn Stubbs for his great work, recording 2500 hours over 5 years, of NASA satellite videos and communications that Houston also received. Read more about Martyn Stubbs here: Martyn Stubbs and the NASA UFO Video Archieve

UFO flight performance and abilities

Some videos in my playlist shows great flight performances that can not be done by our existing technology we know of. Some governments may have advanced technology in black projects that is not known to the public, which coincidentally ends up on some of the many video camcorders that is out there. Some may be lucky to catch some of these technologies on video, especially when it comes to airplanes. But no matter if they are military test airplanes/crafts or visitors from outer space, the UFO videos are there and show objects with magnificent flight abilities far exceeding ours. These "UFO airshows" are simply a must see for everyone.

So, would you like to see a UFO that accelerates to speeds way over what you may imagine? The video below will show you an object that seems to take off and accelerate to extreme high speed towards space. Be patient, it takes some time before you really see the object accelerates but at the end of the video, it just streaks away. Notice how the light from the object being absorbed and ends up with only being a tiny dot of light when it reaches a certain speed.

Best flying saucer videos

There are many videos of flying saucers, but most can seem suspicious in many ways. However, I have found 2 videos I think is genuine, and you should see both videos all the way, because various details are revealed through the video. Wouldn´t you think it was strange, that a flying saucer type of object, are standing still in mid air as if it was nailed to something up there, and very slowly it turns around it self while you can see the sunlight reflects on the object, revealing a metallic body that shines up? Some of these details led me to believe, that there really is something here...

Other flying saucer videos you should notice, is the one from South Africa at Cape of Good Hope september 19, 2003, which many believe is CGI (fake), but what I think is weird, is when it takes off in the end of the video, it makes a sonic boom, and this sonic boom is only audible when you turn up the volume significantly. See this video here

Another interesting flying saucer video is from Saransk in Russia 2007, filmed through a window inside the faculty of electronic engineering block 16 of Mordovian State University. I would like to see this video in it´s original version and quality, to see if possible reflections in the window (including possible dirt on the window), are behind or ahead of this UFO. See this video here

Another very interesting UFO footage of a flying disc hovering over Aveley, England, supposely filmed february 2012 by Martyn Griffiths on a mobile phone baffles me. It is filmed at night and you can see some kind of navigation lights on the craft. See it here

Cyclic light UFOs

I found a very special one from Japan March 21, 2011, where you see an object floating in the air, moving very slowly across the sky. Some witnesses recorded this UFO sighting on video. What I think is special with this one, is the cyclic light pattern at the bottom of the craft. This is not typical navigation lights, that flashes at regular intervals, but some kind of moving lights that creates different patterns, which I have never seen before. Near the end of the video, you see it up close...

There may be hundreds more UFO videos out there which is genuine, but the videos in my playlist are the ones I feel is okay and have chosen to show. If you wanna see even more footages, you should check out my other playlist UFO Video Examine, where I have put all the videos I am unsure about, and I also made a playlist with known UFO hoaxes you can enjoy :)

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