Transparent flickering bird-like UFO

I was lucky to experience a close-up UFO sighting, a transparent bird- and fish-like UFO, which took off from a grass field right in front of me. I came back to the site the day after to investigate, took 175 pictures of the field, and was lucky to catch some weird things...

On May 25, 2017, I was out walking with my mother's dog, and as always, we are entering a secluded pasture with trees all around where the dog can run freely. Usually I go from the entrance near one end and up to the other end of the field, following a very narrow path approx. 15 cm in width. I have never experinced strange things here, but this time was different. I came across a butterfly who sat in front of me, perfectly in the middle of the narrow path. I almost bumped into it, stopped, it flew up to the right and disappeared from my field of view. I took two or three steps more, suddenly, the butterfly came in from the right, landed in front of me right in the middle of the narrow path. Nearly bumped into it again, stopped, it flew up to the right and disappeared from my field of view a second time. Took two or three steps more, and the whole thing repeated. The butterfly sat there in front of me half meter away for the third time, perfectly positioned right in the middle of the very narrow path.

Transparent flickering bird?

Became aware, that there might be something trying to prevent me from continuing further into the pasture. It may sound silly, but I really believed the butterfly in front of me was a sign and I respected it. Stood still and observed the field in front of me, trying to find an answer of why I should stop here? The dog was running around in the other end and everything seemed normal. But then I saw something strange. Some bird, or something, about half meter long, flew up to the right near the dog 60-70 meters in front of me, but it actually flew slowly compared to birds, typically partridges, flying somewhat faster and are pretty noisy when the dog scare them up. But this one flew upward slowly without a noise in a 35-40 degree angle. I could see it with the trees as background on it´s path upwards, but when it reached over them and got the sky as background, it disappeared. The strange thing was, that it seemed transparent and the dark areas on it´s body was flickering weakly but fast. Because of the low light flashing, it looked as if the dark areas moved both forth and back on it´s body. I use "bird" in the heading to describe this thing, because it was flying. But actually it looks like a fish with small fins very close to the head / front of the object, exactly like a typical fish would have (see my drawing 1A). The closest I can come to describe the low light flickering, is the Octopus's ability to change color pigment fast and some self illuminating deep sea creatures, like the Rainbow Jellyfish

Shot 175 images next day...

I had to investigate this sighting further and repeated the trip to the secluded pasture the day after on May 26, 2017, this time with my Canon EOS 60D and shot 175 images. At the time of writing, I have spent 1½ hours looking through the pictures thoroughly and stopped at picture no. 92 in the series (IMG_5994.jpg). In this photo in the upper left corner, you can see a gray object, that more looks like a fish than a bird, that strangely looked like what I saw the day before on May 25th. The "wings" on the object in IMG_5994.jpg, fits very well to what I saw live, but with some difference. Based on what I saw live on May 25th, compared to the position of the wings on the object in the image from May 26th, the object is likely to fly towards right in the photo.

See some Rod / UFO pictures

Pictures below has been through Photoshop making som calculations.

A closeup of the UFO Rod with some editing (Levels).

83 photos left to look through

I still need to look through the last 83 photos, so in the commings days I hope to find more UFOs and strange things to show you. Have a good day.
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  1. Det er ikke mange artikler vi får :(
    Men jeg er da nysgerrig efter at vide hvor du ser alle dine sightings og om du gør noget ekstra for at se dem?

    1. Working overtime to get my UFO blog up and running, sorry for the time it takes. How I do? Keyword is MANY pictures, for this article I have 175 photos from ONE session to look through, and it takes time, please be patient, more to come.