Hello, my name is Brian Joergensen, I am amateur photographer and the author of this blogsite UFO pictures and photos, which is about my UFO photography I have gathered since 2009. All images are captured with a Sony DSLR reflex camera A100 (with Sony 3.5-5.6/18-70 standard lens) which has proven to be a really good camera. It produce photography in high quality with great details. I got me that camera primarily because I wanted to photograph condensation trails from aircraft traffic over my city. I felt very bothered by the visual pollution in our skies. I was also aware of the reality of geo-engineering and the so-called chemtrails, so I was very keen to find out what was going on in our airspace. So I wanted to photograph these condensation (or chemical) trails to learn more about them, to see if I could find some patterns and see how they behaved after they had been left by the planes. To date I have 1728+ photos of condensation trails from aircrafts and in pursuit of these contrails, I found that clouds and cloud systems just layed really beautiful in the pictures, so it became as a side benefit of 4295+ additional images. Another side benefit was, and that´s the interesting part of the hole story, that among the many photographs I have taken, mysterious unidentified flying objects appears on some of them and that´s what this blog is about. Usually I do not discover any objects when I shoot the photos until I get home and watch the pictures on my computer, where I can magnify and reveal the details...

Preparation of the images

As a starting point, I present my photos as they are without any image processing, the most can be found in original sizes you can download and study, but the photos on page are scaled down, cropped and/or enlarged. Secondary, and as additions to the presentations of the original pictures, I use different image processing techniques, for example Auto Tone and Auto Contrast, to make the objects in the pictures stand out more clearly, and I do that in Photoshop.

Blog Awards

Chosen as the "Photography site of the week" by Telegraph.co.uk September 12th 2011

My UFO photography

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