The background

Welcome to UFO pictures and photos. My name is Brian Jørgensen, I am amateur photographer and the author of this blogsite, which is about my UFO photography I have gathered since 2009, the year I got my first DSLR camera. My plan at that time was not to start shooting UFO photos or start blogging about UFOs, but because I felt bothered by the visual pollution in our skies from commercial air traffic, I ended up taking over 6000 photos of aviation contrails, cloud systems and other aerial phenomena, and some of those 6000 photos revealed unidentified flying objects, and the photos began to pile up.

The blogsite

I finally decided to create this blog in 2010, which later evolved into the project that it is today, where my images are freely available for the public in high resolution, so my readers can see with their own eyes. I do this in the spirit that the UFO photography should be accessible to everyone, since the UFO phenomenon is not only for a small group of people, but the whole population of the globe. It is important for our collective consciousness and evolution, to know what world we live in...
Due to bandwidth issues on the server, I can not in the long run guarantee that all hi-res images are available for download, but will keep some key cases open for the public. Check this page for updates. The photos can be downloaded in full size versions for your research only - all pictures and photos on this blog is protected by copyright law.

Authentic UFO photography

When I refer to my UFO/UAP photos as Authentic UFO photography, I do it because it is images with something unidentified flying, and as long it is unidentified and flying, it is authentic as UFO photography. If something is identified as terrestrial or as a known phenomenon, it is not UFO photography anymore and I will let you know.

My photo equipment

  • Sony A-100 DSLR Camera
  • Sony standard zoom lens 3.5-5.6/18-70mm
  • Canon EOS 60D
  • Canon standard zoom lens EF-S 1:3.5-5.6/18-55mm
  • Canon zoom lens EF 1:1.4-5.6/70-300mm USM

Preparation of the images

For preparation of the images, I use the image processing tools in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and compared to old days manual photo processing, these are advanced tools with a lot more options. But the goal is the same; to clear up the images and make them appear as sharp and clear as possible (and this has nothing to do with CGI). The tools I use most are Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, Curves, Brightness/Contrast and Calculations, and sometimes I use levels, Black & White and Color Balance too.

About me

I live in Denmark in Odense city. I have been autodidact web designer since 2002 and have 10 years SEO experience. I enjoy blogging and I love studying the Internet of all its possibilities. I have been playing drums for nearly 20 years and played in several amateur rockbands. I have studied Vedic Astrology since 1989 and still learning. My life have been influenced by the paranormal as long as I remember and I have been in contact with ET (the other side) all my life actually. I got my first visit then I was 12 years old and they still visits me today, which all my UFO photos reveals nicely.
The thing about contact is NOT a new idea I got yesterday, it has been there all the time, but I have not been ready before to make this public, and I am still not quite ready for it, because it is a story about not only me seeing UFOs, but a wide range of not so happy things in my life, that is related to the contact.
This blogsite is dedicated to our beautiful extraterrestrial brothers and sisters (as always is there) and people of Earth - we are them, they are us, we are one...
Beside the Ads, this website is non-profit, please support my work (via Paypal):
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