F16 jetfighter in dogfight with several UFOs?

NATO F16 jetfighter in dogfight with several UFOs over Denmark sounds like pure fiction, but there is actually some truth to that statement, because photos show a whole UFO fleet in airspace with up to 15 different objects spread over ten pictures, and there are indications of an F16 on one picture, probably revealed by it´s vertical stabilizer. This is my biggest article so far with tons of UFO pictures to investigate.
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)
The event unfolded on July 6th 2010 at 12.45 pm. I was in Odense city at the street Vestre Stationsvej and coincidentally I had my camera with me then I heard the roar of a jet-plane in the skies above from a north western direction. It was partly cloudy and I did not succeed to see any plane visually, but assumed it to be a Danish F16, which is the type of warplane used in the Danish air defence.
I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures in the direction the sound came from. Before I managed to turn on the camera and shoot the first picture, I heard a total of two "snaps" from up there, which I think was because the pilot went from full throttle or afterburner to actually zero engine operation. After the first snap, the engine were completely quiet a few seconds, after which there were full throttle again, ending with another snap, followed by a few seconds of engine silence. After each snap, I could clearly hear the air rubbing against the fuselage / flaps (brakings), which may suggest that something relatively dramatically was happening up there, and it must have been relatively close to the ground.
Those snaps can actually be compared with a cutting torch, which gives a snap or bang when you turn off the oxygen addition.

Abrupt F16 maneuvers, but against who?

It was certainly not an ordinary flyover, there were a serious situation in the air and it certainly caught my attention. The pilot clearly made some abrupt maneuvers, but against what counterpart? I heard only one aircraft, and it is for me a mystery what caused the pilot to fly in such manner over a relatively large city, if there were no counterparts?
Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)
No machinegun or missiles were fired that day, it was not that kind of dogfight, but more a wild attempt by a pilot to get into position to maybe observe and probably shoot some still / live photography of something up there, which apparently may have been near impossible to get steady in the viewfinder. It was not a dogfight on life and death, but a “monitoring” dogfight, where the pilot tried very hard to observe something very hard to observe. My street photo session of the spectacle in the air resulted in 13 images where 10 of them may be of interest for UFO enthusiasts. I did not make any visual contact with those objects. The whole incident lasted a minute and ended with the sound of the plane flying away quietly.

My dogfight theory

The dogfight theory is not only based on wild guessing, but through my longstanding interest in flight simulation and the many hours I've actually used with an F16 simulator. I know that a dogfight involves diligent use of zero to full throttle in no time (afterburner) and flaps (brakes), in order to perform highly demanding (and fast) maneuvers to get into position to launch your air-to-air missiles at a moving target, that does anything to get away from your shooting angle. And such maneuvers will for sure create a lot of noise and attention, if the plane is relatively close to the ground. It is prohibited in Denmark to use afterburner below 5000 ft over land, so the F16 may at least have been around that altitude.

No Danish F16 in the area around 12.45 pm

I asked for access (parallel to the FOIA requests) to the Danish Air Force on this incident, and they promptly answered that no Danish F16 was in the area at that time. There had been an exercise a couple of hours earlier before the incident over Odense but all planes where back at their base 11.30 am.

Based on my long-life interest for airplanes with special focus on military airplanes, and based on my experience from the navy, where we had F16s making the same abrupt maneuvers in attack / defense drills with our ship, I am therefore 110% able to determine if there was a jetfighter or not, and 110% capable of eligibility to wonder why this jet was flying as it did over a city in peacetime, with no apparent war? But luckily one of the photos below is quite a reasonable proof that there was actually an F16 present in the airspace that day, and if not a Danish F16, it must have been a NATO F16.

Illustrations, magnified objects and hi-res photos

Here is the 10 photos and illustrations with black arrows showing you positions of the objects. Click on the "High Quality"-link on top of each illustration to see the unknown objects in hi-res version (3872 x 2592 pixels at 72 dpi). Below each illustration you see related objects that have been magnified and typical processed using tools like Auto Tone, Auto Contrast, Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Curves and Calculations in Photoshop. Some of the work with image processing can be seen in the F16 UFO Pictures Gallery. The hi-res un-edited photos can be downloaded for research only!
DSC00515.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.46.56 pm (High Quality)
DSC00515.JPG illustration
DSC0515.JPG - Object A.
DSC0515.JPG - Object B.
DSC0515.JPG - Object C.
DSC0515.JPG work process gallery

DSC00516.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.46.58 pm (High Quality)
DSC00516.JPG illustration
DSC0516.JPG - Object A.
DSC0516.JPG - Object B.
DSC0516.JPG - Object C.
DSC0516.JPG work process gallery

DSC00517.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.00 pm (High Quality)
DSC00517.JPG illustration
DSC0517.JPG - Object A.
DSC0517.JPG - Object C.
DSC0517.JPG - Object D.
DSC0517.JPG work process gallery

DSC00519.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.00 pm (High Quality)
DSC00519.JPG illustration
DSC0519.JPG - Object A.
DSC0519.JPG - Object B.
DSC0519.JPG - Object C.
DSC0519.JPG work process gallery

DSC00520.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.02 pm (High Quality)
DSC00520.JPG illustration
DSC0520.JPG - Object A.
DSC0520.JPG - Object B.
DSC0520.JPG work process gallery

DSC00522.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.02 pm (High Quality)
DSC00522.JPG illustration
DSC0522.JPG - Object A.
DSC0522.JPG - Object C.
DSC0522.JPG work process gallery

DSC00524.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.04 pm (High Quality)
DSC00524.JPG illustration
DSC0524.JPG - Object A.
DSC0524.JPG work process gallery

DSC00525.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.04 pm (High Quality)
DSC00525.JPG illustration
DSC0525.JPG - Object A.
DSC0525.JPG - Object C.
DSC0525.JPG work process gallery

DSC00526.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.47.58 pm (High Quality)
DSC00526.JPG illustration
DSC0526.JPG - Object A.
DSC0526.JPG work process gallery

DSC00527.JPG - July 6, 2010 at noon 00.48.04 pm (High Quality)
DSC00527.JPG illustration
DSC0527.JPG - Object A.
DSC0527.JPG - Object C.
DSC0527.JPG work process gallery

Object B, a UFO particular

One of the objects I first thought was a small cloud or condensation, was white object B. When I compared the four images where the white object is visible, I discovered it moved around the sky from image to image and over fair distances with only few seconds intervals. From picture 515 to 516, it moves quite a distance upwards in the sky in Less than, or equal to 2 seconds. The behaviour of this object, if it´s the same on all four images, indicates the fact, that there really was something unidentified flying around up there. Follow object B. down through the images above and see for your self.
White spheres 4 (or just Object B + 1 unknown black object)
White UFO sphere
Black spheres 8
Black UFO spheres
Discs 5
UFO discs, saucers
Tube / Cylinder UFOs 3
UFO tubes / cylinders
Other type 1
Other type UFO
Obviously, I can not be 100% sure that some objects are insects posing in the pictures, like for example object C in image 525, which could be an insect for sure. But most of the objects do not resemble insects. Some of the objects are very very small in the photos and melts together with pixels in the background when they are magnified, and actually you can´t use those to anything - dots cannot be graphic analyzed..!
One thing is clear, the pictures I shot that day, reveals up to 15 different unidentified flying objects. If there should be a special reason for the pilot to fly where he flew with his F16 as he did, it must have been related to this fleet of UFOs.
I have not experienced any dramatic flights since this event took place over my city. There have been quiet, no F16 chase UFOs here...

Other military jets chasing UFOs:

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