UFO with high voltage magnetic field?

UFO with high voltage magnetic field at the bottom, causing lights that can move around in cryptic patterns? In this UFO video, you´ll see a flying craft moving very slowly. At the bottom of that craft, strange light moves in patterns over a surface. Don´t know if it´s genuine, but this video is interesting and there are lots of details to investigate.

How can light move over a surface?

How light can move over a surface on a flying craft, and create cryptic patterns with light, is the real tough question I would ask my self..? How can light move over a surface? Is this a magnetic field driven by high voltage that somehow gets visible out of the bottom, maybe causing a reaction with the air and it visualizes it self? That was the particular detail that got me to think this is a genuine UFO video. For me it indicates, that we are actually looking at technology we have no access to, if anyone have access to this?
In the picture above, you see an inverted version of the object, where the black areas are the light that is radiating from the UFO. In addition, you can see reflections on the side of the object, that lights up several times in the video. At one point, a reflection on the side and light from the bottom melts together, which cause me to doubt, if these reflections are from sunlight or whether it's from the object itself? Maybe if the UFO is rotating, a reflection from sunlight could blink out and in like it does here?

UFO with high voltage magnetic field?

Of course, I do not know if it is a magnetic field created by high voltage, but something happens at the bottom of this UFO, which becomes visible in the form of light patterns. See this video to the end, it´s one of the more interesting UFO videos in my opinion!

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